Moons and stars pajama set

This was a case of seemingly never ending fabric piece! At first I made the duster and thought that I’ve got enough leftover fabric for a pair of shorts. Then I made shorts, and was left with smaller but still proper piece of fabric, and decided to go ahead and make the top and thus have a pajama set. When I made the top, there was literally nothing left, not even a small piece for an eye mask. Finally my frantic and continuous moons and stars project ended! 🙂 Instead of one planned garment, which was the duster, I now have an elaborate homewear set.

I bought 3 meters of this lovely moons and stars cotton back in autumn as a side purchase, while shopping for wintery fabrics at the Fabworks online store. Was planning for a duster all along, and that was what got made first of all. The duster story is told in detail in one of my previous blog posts called Floor length duster. After cutting all duster pattern pieces, I was left with a little bit less than a meter of fabric, and it was a proper piece to keep on making stuff out of.

I found this pajama shorts pattern in Burda Homewear magazine, 2020 issue, it is the pattern #6. Clever move by Burda to issue dedicated homewear magazine, provided that the entire world is sitting at home during extended lockdowns, therefore homewear is really needed. I cut shorts pattern in size 36, and when it was sewed up, I was able to conclude it being a really great pattern for leisure or pajama shorts. In the original design, silk ribbon was recommended for the waist band. However, since all the stores were still closed, and I did not have any matching ribbon in my stash, I decided to insert 3 cm elastic into the waist band and made a faux bow out of the main fabric to decorate the front. To make things pajama-like, I decided to add some white lace which I had gotten from The Fabric store online some time ago. This was a fast make – with the paper pattern tracing and cutting I must have spent only two hours to make these shorts.

And yet, after shorts were made, there was still a proper piece of fabric left, so I decided to add the top to this cool set. For the top I used a regular top (i.e. not a pajama top) pattern from Best of Burda 2020 magazine, this was the pattern #1. It has already been used once – I made a simple summer top, shown in my Last blog post of 2020. This time I made the back of the top simpler. Just cut it almost straight so that it was easier to attach all of the bias tape and straps. To continue with pajama look, I added lace to the top as well. It was also an easy and quick make. After finishing the top, finally, oh finally, there was no fabric left. Never ending fabric ended 🙂

This pajama set was made at the end of February, 2021. Speaking of costs, as I usually calculate for all of my projects, since I had attributed all the cost of fabric to the duster, this pajama set cost me nothing. Well, alright, let’s add few euros for the elastic, thread and lace, but that’s that. As I continue with my pursuit of trying not to waste sewing resources, I am quite proud about having squeezed this entire set out of 3 meters of fabric.

Absolutely love this homewear set. With fancy faux fur slippers I will be rocking the floor at home!

Let’s all stay healthy!


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