There is limited space to keep all my sewing necessities in my sewing room. That’s actually a good thing, because this prevents me from buying too much fabric, having too much haberdashery or sewing machines, for that matter! I have everything I need to work on my projects even with these slight limitations!

I have dedicated only two shelves for my fabrics. Intentionally so – there is not much space that I’d be able to have more of it dedicated to fabrics, and also I want to limit my fabric buying frenzy to some kind of reasonable levels. Those shelves usually are close to being packed all the time, but I have an agreement with myself that one piece of fabric should be used up from my stash before I would buy a new one.

You might want to check my Post on why you should start sewing to learn about many benefits of sewing for self and also mistakes not to repeat along the way! I also have separate categories dedicated to Leftover projects and Salvage operations, if you are interested in those less conventional situations in sewing that many of us encounter from time to time 🙂

My main sewing machine

Elna Experience 560

It is a semi-computerized good quality workhorse. I have successfully sewed very thick coating fabrics as well as silks on it. Have bought it in the spring of 2020 and am very pleased about its performance so far.

My overlocker

Juki PE670

I own this overlocker for longer than I own my current main sewing machine. It works fine for now, however threading could probably be more convenient and it would also be nice to be able to sew few variations of overlock stitch. Now, it makes only one stitch and does it pretty well! Since overlockers are usually expensive, I do not have plans to swap this one for now, but might consider it in the future.

I do not own cover stitch machine because it is quite rare that I choose to sew anything from knit fabrics.

All the most important tools

And these are the main tools I use for every project.

Seam roll and tailor’s ham for pressing. Few pairs of scissors: for paper pattern pieces, for fabric, pinking shears and small ones for more accurate cutting. Turning loop. My notebook with all the fabrics and projects listed. Bias tape makers. Sewing awl. Rollerblade cutter. Pincushion and pins. Measuring tape. Seam gauge. Point turner. Marking tools. Long ruler.

And of course, my dress form and ironing board which are as important as sewing machines!

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