Very warm welcome to my blog! It happened so that in addition to all proper life activities, like full time job and time with the family, I learnt to sew and can’t stop ever since. I am writing posts more or less every two weeks, so make sure to subscribe for updates and come back for more!

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Upcycled red shorts

With this project I’m introducing a new category to my projects list, and that is Upcycling. Some of my early projects have produced a number of rather awkward garments. Even now, with few years of sewing experience, from time to time I still make weird choices of fabric, or pattern, or both. And this wasContinue reading “Upcycled red shorts”

Gloria dress

This time I couldn’t quite think of a better name for my latest project, and so it will be Gloria dress, just as the pattern maker calls it. When I saw this dress design on Instagram, I immediately decided to make it. Now, that I’ve made it, I’m amused by how overdressed I feel whileContinue reading “Gloria dress”

My sewing plans

When I started sewing, the most magical power seemed to be the ability to make a dress. Before that, at any point in time I had only few dresses and found shopping for dresses being a tormenting exercise. And here I was – able to make any dress that came to my mind! So that was what was happening – many dresses were made. However, lately I realized that I do not wear dresses all that often – some of me-made dresses have never been worn. So I slowly came to the conclusion that it is actually everything else that I need so much more than a load of dresses.

However, for this summer I rediscovered dresses again. During winter and spring I haven’t made a single dress, and for summer I want to make more dresses. Perhaps a top or two as well. Making summer clothes is so enjoyable – it akin to reliving summer again and again! 🙂

Behind the scenes

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