Very warm welcome to my blog! It happened so that in addition to all proper life activities, like full time job and time with the family, I learnt to sew and can’t stop ever since. I am writing posts more or less every two weeks, so make sure to subscribe for updates and come back for more!

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One more upcycled leather skirt

So my recent black upcycled leather skirt was a blast! I wear it all the time as part of all sorts of outfits and enjoy immensely. When people get to know that it was made out of my dad’s old coat and I made it myself, usually they look astonished, which, I have to admit,…

Interlined winter coat

It’s been a while since I last finished a project, and I am glad to be able to share one more make finally, and even better still the winter has just started kicking in, so plenty of time to wear it this season! There were few reasons it took me a while to make this…

My sewing year of 2022 – highlights and lessons

With the year coming to a close, I’m also wrapping up my sewing journey of 2022. For me this year was tough and also very busy, and once again sewing allowed me to stay sane and get a breath of fresh air each time I started and finished a new project. Sewing calms me down…

My sewing plans

When I started sewing, the most magical power seemed to be the ability to make a dress. Before that, at any point in time I had only few dresses and found shopping for dresses being a tormenting exercise. And here I was – able to make any dress that came to my mind! So that was what was happening – many dresses were made. However, lately I realized that I do not wear dresses all that often – some of me-made dresses have never been worn. So I slowly came to the conclusion that it is actually everything else that I need so much more than a load of dresses.

This autumn I started by making few autumn skirts, and this somehow turned into a very nice trend as I’m planning few more skirts shortly. It is somewhat unexpected as it is quite rare that I’d wear skirts. But that’s perhaps due to me not owning nice skirts before. And now this can easily be mitigated! In addition to skirts I’m of course planning a coat or two, a jacket or two, so yeah – regular colder season fashion joys!

Behind the scenes

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