Very warm welcome to my blog! It happened so that in addition to all proper life activities, like full time job and time with the family, I learnt to sew and can’t stop ever since. I am writing posts more or less every two weeks, so make sure to subscribe for updates and come back for more!

Latest from my blog

Utility jacket

This was an ultimate upcycling project! It may look as a regular jacket, but what in fact it is made of, sounds a bit strange. My dear mother-in-law at times pulls real treasures out of her attic. The last time I used the antique fabric she had gifted me, this beautiful vintage jacket was born.…

Light cotton shirt

As it is probably quite clear now, I did not continue with the French jacket 😊 I’ve made a shirt instead. Evidently, my decision making process is strange, I’ve been saying this all along, but here we go. I’ve been torn among trench coat, utility jacket, pants and few other project ideas, then, exhausted, just…

Jacquard jacket

This one hasn’t been planned at all. But that’s not too unusual for me 🙂 As I wrote in my previous post, I was planning another vest, perhaps pants, then – Chanel style tweed jacket. And yet – here we are with this quite a bit different project. It’s good that this jacket is at…

My sewing plans

When I started sewing, the most magical power seemed to be the ability to make a dress. Before that, at any point in time I had only few dresses and found shopping for dresses a tormenting exercise. And here I was – able to make any dress that came to my mind! So that was what was happening – many dresses were made. However, lately I realized that I do not wear dresses all that often – some of me-made dresses have never been worn. So I slowly came to the conclusion that it is actually everything else that I need so much more than a load of dresses.

With summer approaching, natural compulsion is to jump to making dresses again. But… I have more than 15 summer dresses and summer here is simply not that long! My problem is though that I have a lot of fabric meant for dresses. So they eventually will have to be made. In the meantime I’d like to make a pair of summer pants and shorts, few tops. Leisure wear should dominate my projects list, hopefully 🤞

Behind the scenes

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