Very warm welcome to my site! It happened so that in addition to all proper life activities, like full time job and spending time with the family, I learnt to sew and can’t stop ever since. Probably, among other things, sewing is also my way of recharging and relaxing. I hope you will like my creations and get some inspiration! You can read more about me here. I am writing posts more or less every week, so make sure to subscribe for updates and come back for more!

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Fancy teal dress

What makes this dress fancy are few things. The fabric is this beautiful wool blend. If I remember correctly, I was told at the store that the fabric was by Escada – Escada or not, it is very soft and absolutely gorgeous. Another reason for it to be fancy is rich burgundy lining and meticulous… Continue reading Fancy teal dress

Cozy light coatigan

When the autumn came, I was at the same time excited and confused in trying to figure out what my sewing plans should be for this cold season. I rushed to few of the online stores and bought a stack of wool coating, ordered a good handful of coats patterns and… well, sat there, looking… Continue reading Cozy light coatigan

My sewing plans

For the upcoming winter season I have few coats in my plans – one in the making and two more to come. And then I have few dresses lined up which I am going to make from few beautiful wool fabrics that I have recently purchased. I will be updating my blog right away when current project in the making is going to be completed!

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