In order to be completely transparent, I would like to elaborate in a bit more detail on how this blog is run.

Disclosure of sewing supplies brands

Any supplies brands, pattern makers or clothing brands that are referred to on my blog, are mentioned because I like, use and believe in the products. I deeply believe in supporting the sewing community, this involves sharing my experience with fellow sewers and supporting the industry that enables us to create. Therefore if I choose to disclose where I’ve sourced my fabrics, which sewing machine I use, or the pattern of which pattern maker I’ve used for specific project, I do that without being prompted and on the basis of pure goodwill. This also means, that if I decide not to disclose any of the brands, fabric stores or pattern makers, I reserve myself the right to not provide a reason for such a decision. It may be because for example I know that the fabric store does not ship abroad, or I have decided not to recommend the brand for any other reason.


At times I am offered to collaborate with suppliers which I gladly do, if only I believe in the product in focus. I will only recommend or review the product which I would be glad to purchase and use. Also, if I agree to write a review, it will be an honest and open review of the product.

There are two ways in which I may be collaborating with the suppliers. The post may be sponsored by the brand, or the post may be an ad to the supplier. Every collaboration post will be clearly marked accordingly.

SPONSORED post. The brand has offered me to provide the supplies as a gift or to compensate me in monetary means. For that I would be asked to make a garment or use the product in some other way, write a post on my blog and usually supplement it with social media coverage. However, the content of the post would not be in any way predetermined: I would be free to choose any other supplements for the project and the content of the post would be left for my full discretion. I may decide or at times be asked to include the generic links to the product site.

AD post. The brand has offered me to provide the supplies as a gift or to compensate me in monetary means. However, the content of the coverage may be more regulated. I may be asked to promote an interaction of some sort – include specific links to the product, use hashtags or invite the readers to participate in a competition. The story telling would still be developed by me, though – I will never post the text that I have not written myself.

If other ways of my collaboration with brands come along, I will make sure to update this disclosure policy accordingly.

This blog as well as my entire sewing journey is my leisure activity that I cherish for what it is. Therefore, I do not actively seek collaborations. However, if I am offered a collaboration, I will gladly accept it as this enables and also encourages me to continue providing useful content to the readers of this blog.

Prices of the projects

You may have noticed that I disclose the cost of the garments I make. Primarily it is done for me to keep track of what I’m spending on my hobby and also to compare the costs of bespoke garments with the ones that I would alternatively be purchasing at RTW. I calculate the costs of my projects the following way.

  • I do not include the depreciation of my sewing machines or any other assets used in the production.
  • I do not include the cost of patterns that I purchase in order to make garments. The reason for that being that I may be using the pattern more than once, so there is no point in attributing the entire cost of the pattern to the first garment made using it.
  • So essentially the cost of each garment is limited to fabric, lining, and all haberdashery costs.
  • I do not include the working time costs either. If I were, my garments would be astronomically expensive! 🙂 The coat takes some 25-30 hours to make, so if I am modest and say that I’d be charging myself 30 EUR an hour, the work alone would cost 750-900 EUR 🙂 That is also the reason why I do not sew for others. I am simply too slow to make any meaningful value proposition out of this.


As you might have read on my About page, I am not a native English speaker. English is my daily language though, as my day job happens mostly in English. But still, do not be too rough on me if I use certain terms or expressions not quite perfectly. And please help me improve – comments section under each post can be used for that, too!

Thank you so very much for being interested in my work, for all your visits, likes and comments – that means the world to me!

Get in touch

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