My sewing year of 2022 – highlights and lessons

With the year coming to a close, I’m also wrapping up my sewing journey of 2022. For me this year was tough and also very busy, and once again sewing allowed me to stay sane and get a breath of fresh air each time I started and finished a new project. Sewing calms me downContinue reading “My sewing year of 2022 – highlights and lessons”

Fixes and other musings

It happens so that every half a year I end up writing an insights post, and that is exactly what I decided to do this time again. This November I’ve celebrated two years anniversary of my blog. Am happy to report that I still enjoy sewing and blogging, arguably that’s longer than one could haveContinue reading “Fixes and other musings”

My sewing year of 2021 – highlights and lessons

For some reason the year has come to an end surprisingly rapidly! Just like in life, in sewing I find myself always short of time to implement all my ideas. Like I wrote in my post on why it is so great to be able to sew, a very common trap that many of usContinue reading “My sewing year of 2021 – highlights and lessons”

If you want to start sewing – read this

If you want to start sewing – absolutely do it! That’s the summary of this post. 🙂 Today I will be sharing some of very fresh experiences, victories and mistakes not to be repeated, some of the ideas where to concentrate, too. I truly hope to share with you a bit of inspiration and convictionContinue reading “If you want to start sewing – read this”