Welcome to my blog!

My name is Giedre. I am from Lithuania. I am a mother of two, have a day job, and love sewing.

My grandma was a seamstress. While spending time with her during school holidays, I learnt the basics of sewing. Later on, as she got older, I started helping her to construct garments or interpret primitive patterns that she possessed. Thus, sewing has been in my blood, so to say, since childhood.

It was not until the weird year of 2020 that I delved deeper into actually sewing for myself. The long and frustrating quarantine of 2020 spring encouraged to take on new activities, and for me sewing was that relief.

I bought myself a new, more modern sewing machine, explored all sorts of online resources, bought many commercial patterns and made first mistakes. However, quite rapidly my skills started improving, and to the point that I now buy fewer clothes than I sew, which is quite an achievement.

I am also long time dedicated amateur photographer. I own rather advanced photo equipment which helps me make good quality photos of the garments I sew. That is why I have finally decided to start my own blog and share my creations. You might want to check out my First blog post where you will find more about my motivation with this entire sewing and blogging business!

So let me welcome you to my world of sewing ideas, achievements, mistakes and challenges. Hopefully, you will find quite a bit of inspiration here, and – who knows, courage to start sewing as well!

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