My sewing year of 2021 – highlights and lessons

For some reason the year has come to an end surprisingly rapidly! Just like in life, in sewing I find myself always short of time to implement all my ideas. Like I wrote in my post on why it is so great to be able to sew, a very common trap that many of us get into is planning a zillion of projects, buying tons of fabric, and then the year suddenly ends, while we’re sitting there with all that fabric on our hands unsure how that happened! 🙂

Jokes aside, my sewing year of 2021 was great! I have learnt so much and progressed so far that at times am myself a little bit stunned. If I were to name just one overarching achievement of this year, that would be becoming really comfortable with making jackets. If there is something I truly missed this year, that’s of course coats. I haven’t made a single one in 2021 and am surprised about that myself.

And now let me share my TOP 3 garments of 2021:

These were the most enjoyable projects while they lasted, and these are my most favorite garments to wear!

There are more beautiful garments that I had an immense pleasure to create this year! In order to catalogue my best projects I’ve introduced Favorite category that you are more than welcome to check out! I also made this collage of 9 most loved garments of the year. Not all these projects were absolutely smooth or easy, however they produced these nine beautiful garments that I enjoyed wearing so much in 2021!

This year, opposite from the last year, I haven’t actually thrown a single WIP out. One reason for that is perhaps me having gained experience and having improved considerably at choosing fabrics for particular designs, or, when things were turning really grim, being capable of salvaging the project regardless. I did have my share of truly tormenting projects, though. They ended up being rescued after all, however due to share effort and pain put into them they were perhaps my least favorite. On the one hand, there was quite a lot of frustration compiled in some of these projects, on the other hand, I was truly proud of saving them and making wearable garments after all. The largest rescue operation I had to endure was with my ginkgo top that I am now enjoying wearing so much. Few other examples of really complicated projects are Blue ribbon dress and Cielo dress by Closet core patterns, which was also my first client dress.

I made 29 garments in 2021. The last jacket has just been completed. I haven’t had time to write a post about it on time to be posted before the year end, so it will be shared next week! That one is truly special and is among my top projects this year!

Among those 29 there were many dresses, a handful of tops, 4 jackets / blazers, only one skirt, only one pair of proper pants (leggings are leggings and they don’t count, right? 🙂 ), several pieces of homewear, two pajama sets, even a cardigan, but not a single coat.

As already mentioned, I am the most proud of having become comfortable at making jackets. I enjoy sewing them so much! Jacket projects are of course lengthy and rarely easy. However since I wear jackets often, making them is so much more sensible than making tons of dresses. The thing is that I don’t wear dresses all that much, especially in cold season. It took me more than a year to realize that! 🙂 For autumn and winter various wool types are my favorite, hence my attraction to jackets, cardigans and other cozy woolly stuff. I am also proud to have made a number of great garments out of leftover fabrics. Being mindful and considerate in sewing provides me with a lot of satisfaction.

I wish I could have gotten to love knits more, but I haven’t. Mind you, there still are few knit garments on my 2021 list, however they were more like “I really need that” type of projects. I am still not too comfortable at working with knits, and hence not too eager to take knit projects on. I wish I made many coats this year, but again, I haven’t. To compensate for that, I have one or two still planned for this winter. It is very likely that my first 2022 project is going to be a coat! I am yet to master pants, I am yet to try sewing sequins or velvet, or denim for that matter. So a long learning journey still ahead and I am very much looking forward for it!

Meanwhile, let me take a moment to pat myself on the shoulder for all the progress, fun and immense joy that sewing gave me this year! 😇 When I started sewing some 18 months ago, I was like – “yeah, let’s see how many dresses I’ll make before I get bored”. But getting bored never happened. Granted, I slowed down on dresses, but certainly didn’t imagine back then, how varied my projects were going to become. So I am absolutely going strong into 2022! Am planning many more interesting projects, am looking forward to learn much more and to have a great time while sewing!

With this post I would like to thank all of my readers for your interest in my sewing journey, for your kind comments and ideas. I have received so much encouragement this year from the amazing sewing community! It supported my sewing journey immensely. And if any of you have benefited from some of the thoughts I shared in my posts, that is the best reward that I could dream of! So here’s to successful, creative, impressive and colorful year of 2022! 🎉

Let’s catch up next year!


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2 thoughts on “My sewing year of 2021 – highlights and lessons

  1. Hi Giedre. What a lovely successful year you’ve had! And how funny that we both made 29 items!
    I think my favourite of yours has to be the lovely Jasika blazer. It’s a triumph and so very elegant and classy.
    Thanks for your online friendship this last year and all the best for 2022.


    1. Thank you so very much for your kind comment, Diane! 🤗 I also smiled a bit while reading your post that we both made the same amount of garments this year.
      Jasika is my absolute favorite too! Not only it is an amazingly comfortable garment to wear, it was a very smooth project too and it generated an incredible amount of accolades and support, when Close core patterns featured it. I was so humbled by that experience! Will make one more Jasika later, I love this design.
      Thank you for your online friendship too! I appreciate it very much ❤️ All the best for 2022! 🌟

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