The story of too much fabric

When I started with this entire sewing business, at first I took really small steps. Bought rather random fabric – the one that was cheap rather than the one that I truly liked. The idea was to have something to start working with and not being worried about probably ruining it. Back then I also had little understanding about how much fabric I might need for one or another kind of garment. From my first modest fabric haul I had this very bright and vibrant polyester fabric. It also has some sheen to it – now I am not even sure why I had decided to go for such an extravagant print or this color scheme. Anyway, it was there, looking at me, so something had to be done with it.

For my very first dress attempt I chose seemingly simple pattern from Burda 2019/05 magazine. All sorts of mistakes were made! At that time I had not yet figured out that while redrawing the pattern onto the sheet paper it is worthwhile adding seam allowances at once. Instead, I was adding them while cutting the fabric, which caused multiple inaccuracies later on when the sewing started. Then, I had a challenge with the neck band and later on – with pockets. Learnt quite a few things with this dress. The fabric was also not helping me as it was slippery and unruly. Anyway, after completing the dress, I realized that I was left with a decent piece of the fabric, which went back onto the shelf.

It was not until late summer that I got obsessed with zero-waste concept, also in sewing. So instead of starting up with new fabrics, which by then I had gotten plenty, I decided to use up all leftovers. That day I think I cut four or five tops of different kinds, thus using up every last bit of leftover fabric that I had collected by then. For this yellow-green situation I chose McCall’s pattern M7899 and made myself a very nice top that works very well with a jacket or blazer. Have worn it many times to work and probably love it even more than the initial dress.

Things turned out unexpectedly here, and I now have two garments instead of one and no waste whatsoever. The dress is from Burda 2019/05 magazine, pattern #105, I cut it in size 36. The top is view A of McCall’s pattern M7899, I cut it in size 6. This McCall’s pattern provides few nice options with the sleeves, might actually try other views of this pattern as well.

Let’s all stay healthy! 🤍


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